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LINEAGE II NCOIN 5500 [Online Game Code]

LINEAGE II NCOIN 5500 [Download]
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List Price: $74.99
Word of your deeds have spread throughout the lands of Aden and your name is synonymous with only one word: Legendary.  This pack contains special bonus items and 5500 NCoin for cash shop purchases. Remember, though: Lineage II is TRULY FREE, meaning you’ll be spending your coin on things you WANT, not purchases required just to play!   Rise above the competition and claim your rightful place among the heroes of Aden!L2 Legendary Pack Bonus:Heavenly Attack Cookie x4Significantly increases your offensive stats and speed for 1 hour.Heavenly Defense Cookie x4Significantly increases your defensive stats for 1 hour.Heavenly Magic Cookie x4Significantly increases….

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